6 International Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Things you’ll wish you looked up before arriving at the airport.

Fox Foto Co
7 min readMar 8


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I didn’t realize that I would spend most of 2022 traveling Europe and Asia until I was already 7 countries deep into my year.

I am naturally an anxious person and an over planner, so I *thought* I had prepared myself pretty well on the short notice before starting the “digital nomad lifestyle “ (I cringed a bit even typing that out loud).

I booked all my flights and hotels with flexible, affordable, and refundable services. I bought a “super cool” backpack and took a variety of cameras and lenses with me to capture everything and anything. Though, that seems way less important in hindsight now, more on that in a future article probably.

Point being. I did all of the logistics planning and packing in a way that impressed most of my peers, and included failsafes upon failsafes.

I did make some mistakes though. Some might seem like no brainers to you, but in my over planning, I managed to overlook some of the basic details. Maybe you can learn from them too, or at least make a mental note NOT to forget them.

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Anyways, here’s the 6 travel mistakes I made and what I learned from them and about myself.

1. Not researching the local food related customs and traditions

  • In some countries it’s considered pretty rude to not finish everything on your plate. I’ve always been a picky eater and this has put me in some uncomfortable situations over the last year. For example, in Bosnia I made friends with a local bar owner. We ended up getting dinner and he insisted I try a local Sarajevo beer. I don’t drink often, if ever…