Fox Foto Collective
Fox Foto Collective

An American-Hungarian couple, we are both photographers, with a plethora of other creative interests, who live in Hungary.

Elijah (who you will hear the most from) studied Public Policy and Human Rights at university and is currently working on a photo-documentary focused on the lasting effects of the war in Bosnia. He has also previously shot professionally for companies including Subaru of America, Mercedes-Benz USA, Porsche Cars NA, and 1859/1889 Magazines. He enjoys vintage lenses, weird cars, and orange cats.

Julianna is a music professor and studies the educational synergy of music in the classroom. She is also a damn fine photographer and folk crafts expert. She's a bit more patient than Elijah's "run and gun" style, and enjoys flower photography, and portraiture. Her current side-project focuses on the adorable travels of a little knit bear and dinosaur called @hi.travelbuddies on Instagram.

Together we produce a variety of photo-centric content like prints, stock photography, long form publications and digital assets (as well as this review/opinion page).

Elijah's gear set: Canon R6, Leica M246 Monochrom, Leica CL, Epson RD1s, Ricoh GRiii SE, Pentax Spotmatic (Film)

Julianna's gear set: Canon RP, Canon M100, Zenit M39 (Film)

2023 Travel Calendar:

January | Hungary / Bosnia

February | Vietnam / Hungary

March | Hungary / Ireland

April | USA (Oregon)

May | Canada

June-Aug | Hungary / Ukraine

Sept | Hungary / Scotland

October | Ukraine / USA

November | USA / Hungary

December | Hungary

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