Budapest Street Photography Vol. 2

Street Photography from January-July 2023

Fox Foto Co


This is a continuation of the original post, Budapest Street Photography Vol.1 which can be found here.

Seeing that this is more about the photography, these posts are pretty image heavy. I’ll do my best to give context to the shots, and at the very least provide camera/lens setups for each photo.

I’m providing a little “loadout” for each city, so you’ll know what cameras and lenses were used. Like a table of contents so you’ll know from the start if a lens or camera you care about ends up in the collection. If I no longer use a certain camera, it’ll be noted.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or direct message me on IG @foxfotoco , I’ll happily respond to anyone on either!

Camera Bodies:
Canon R6
Epson R-D1s
Leica CL
Leica SL (not pictured)

Canon 35mm F1.8 RF (not pictured)
Lumix 20–60mm F3.5–5.6 LM (not pictured)
Voigtlander 21mm CS F4 LM
Vintage Canon 35mm F1.8 L39

Canon R6 + Canon RF 35mm | January | This is from the first night back in Budapest after spending the winter “home” in Oregon…or wherever home is/was then. Also, I couldn’t sleep at all, the I AND ALSO MY CAT had just flown from Washington DC to Budapest. He was still at the air-cargo quarantine area waiting for customs clearance. We went and got him that next morning. So, when restless and anxious, go for a walk with your camera.
Canon R6 + Canon RF 35mm | January | A reflection of the Budapest Ferris Wheel in the rain. Tourists couldn’t seem to decide if they wanted to ride it or not between the rain spurts.
Canon R6 + Canon RF 35mm | January | Another shot from the wandering night. I still struggle to feel comfortable with overtly taking photos of strangers, so I try to be creative and use reflections or…Julia’s favorite…puddles.
Epson RD1s + Vintage Canon 35mm F1.8 L39 | February | Went to Budapest specifically for street photos this day. Wasn’t terribly successful, but I got this shot (my favorite of the day). I think the Epson’s retro/filmic colors really shine in this shot, hardly any editing.