Fast Fox Guides | Vienna Natural History Museum

Our quick review and tips for the best experience.

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Ricoh GRiii 28mm

Quick Tips

  1. Best Exhibits: The small fossils/gemstones, the taxidermy of the bit cats and bears, and the dinos.
  2. There’s a discount for groups of 15+ , and kids ages up to 18 get in for free
  3. Open late till 8pm , but closed on Tuesdays. Plan for 2–3 hours to visit the museum without rushing through the exhibits.

Last week, my wife, Julia, and I left Hungary for a mini-vacation to Vienna. We have two more posts coming from that soon too.


  • Vienna “Camera Street”
  • Prater Historial Amusement Park

Now, don’t let our adult bodies fool you; deep down, we’re just big kids. So, when we discovered that a natural history museum with dinosaurs existed in that city, it was a no-brainer.

The museum’s exterior was nothing short of a masterpiece, flaunting grand architecture with intricate detailing that begged us to come inside.