Film Camera Review | Pentax Spotmatic SP

A quick review of my first AND third film camera.

Fox Foto Co


Fitted with our Zeiss 35mm F2.8 Flektogon (Epson RD1s + Canon 35mm F1.8 L39 in the background)

READ ME: I am fairly new to film photography and I’m sure there are countless older guys and a handful of niche younger guys who could write something a bit more thorough. This review series is NOT about the professional specs of the camera, but more so the usability, any quirks, and if I enjoyed it enough to keep using it. A real world, practical review from the perspective of a digital photographer.

Our Film Articles Featuring the Pentax Spotmatic:

Logic behind purchase: I was exploring Vietnam with a buddy from college and we wandered into a hybrid camera/coffee shop. I wanted the lens (Super Takumar 55mm F1.8) attached to the camera more than the camera itself. You can read the review of that lens here.

Impressions: My previous experience with film cameras was of some cheap 90s stuff, a plastic Zenit that came with my wife’s Helios 58mm lens, and a Praktica that my Zeiss 50mm came with. So this was the first film camera that I bought thinking “hey I might actually use this…and I have a ton of m42 lenses to try on it too!”. So my impressions were *above average*, but they would soon be improved.

Size/Weight: It’s not heavy, it’s not light. The overall size and shape lets me fit it in with my other camera gear pretty easily, especially if I’m already taking m42 lenses.

Favorite Usage: Initially I would take it only as a sorta of “special moments / backup” camera. Lately I’ve been trying to spend more time off-line and while I still love my digital cameras, the analog experience is about as off-line as you can get. It reins in my need for instant gratification too, which has been therapeutic in a way. I’ve been a bit too untrusting of film to take any action or telephoto shots yet, so I’ve mostly been shooting 50mm lenses and the occasional…