Living in Western Ukraine (2023) in Photos

For the dates of May-October

Fox Foto Co


New construction (unknown reason) with local cars in the downtown. | Berehove

Note: These photos are not intended to spark any political or war related debate. I’ve discovered that a small but vocal minority of readers will seek to assume my viewpoints or opinions about such things, based entirely on what I choose or do not choose to photograph. I think there is a rather obvious error in that logic, but alas, the disclaimer stands.

This article covering the months in 2023 will serve as “part 2” whereas the previous article covering the months in 2022 will serve as “part 1” (read it here).

They are my simply personal captures from our daily life.

Sometimes that involves military related images, sometimes it involves pretty flowers and dogs in the yard. It varries.

The war was a distant danger, many hundreds of kilometers away, but the more practical, administrative, and logistical challenges due to the war…those were constantly present. I got used to the air raid alerts and seeing uniformed soldiers in public places, I think my reality of being a locally “detached” American citizen made those realities a bit less scary. I won’t speak directly for Julia, but having these realities in her hometown, I know they have impacted her much more deeply than I probably will ever understand.

We no longer live full time in Ukraine, and have since re-settled to Hungary for the foreseeable future. We do return on a regular basis, Julia more than I, to visit her family for short visits.

Cameras Used:

  • Leica CL (common)
  • Ricoh GRiii (most used)
  • Epson RD1s (rarely)
  • Leica M246 Monochrom (rarely)
  • Pentax SP Film (sometimes)