Revisiting the Jupiter 200mm F4 Soviet Lens

A re-think or revision, after two years (sample images provided)

Fox Foto Co


Taken on Ricoh GRiii 28mm

Note: This is a follow-up to my original review of the Jupiter 200mm F4

Refer to the original review for specs/details and first impressions.

Cameras Tested on:

  • Canon R6
  • Sony A7iii

Build Quality

This is a bit of a mixed answer, so please, dear reader, try and judge the nuance appropriately.

The durability and robustness of the lens is probably second to none. You pay for this in the weight of the lens. It’s a tank, and it weighs a lot because of this. I have dropped this lens off a roof onto concrete and it only suffered a minor (functionally insignificant) injury. The auto-aperture collar switch broke loose and won’t reconnect. So the collar sorta just bounces around, I’m sure I could secure it, but it hasn’t “really” mattered that much.