The 7 Best Gifts For Photographers

Gift ideas the photographers in your life will ACTUALLY use.

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Photo by Finde Zukunft on Unsplash

The recommendations in this list are for the items that we think often get overlooked in favor of more cliche and ultimately useless gifts.

The gifts here are practical, not crazy expensive, and fall into the “they probably wouldn’t buy it for themselves, but they’ll love that they have it when they need it” sorta vibe.

We have also made a shoppable list of these gift ideas and a few extra ideas which you can find here.

1. Extra Batteries

Pretty simple. They aren’t the flashiest gift out there but man are they useful. Extra batteries can make a remote trip worry free. Also, sometimes they can be a bit more expensive than we would prefer, so having someone else gift us a battery can be a really thoughtful and useful gift.

The biggest benefit someone can get from having multiple batteries is in having at least TWO of them. You don’t need to buy the photographer 17 batteries to help them out. Simply having two allows the dead battery to be charging while the photographer is still using the other.

It’s a game changer and you already know the pain that it avoids if you’ve ever been traveling. Being stuck waiting at a hotel or coffee shop while your battery charges up to 50% (which you anxiously *hope* is enough for the rest of the day) is one of the worst feelings.

Two+ batteries solves this.

Quick Note: It is almost always very important to use the official battery from your camera manufacturer. There are a few instances where a reputable brand like Wasabi Power could be used, but please stick to the original brand of your camera when possible.

2. More Film

Film keeps getting more expensive and harder to find. This will be a gift that appreciates in value (until it expires of course ). A lot of the film I use I cannot find in Europe right now, so I make a point to buy it when I’m back in America. Having someone gift me film would be a very nice surprise.

It’s also something that you can share with the gifter as well. When the film is developed you can send or show them the…