The 8 Worst Gifts for Photographers

Stop giving these to us, we only pretend to like them.

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Photo by Haupes on Unsplash

A wise person once said to never look a gift Hasselblad medium format camera in the mouth. Most gifts photographers receive, however, are not the camera equivalent of horses. You could at least re-sell the horse or the Hasselblad if needed (assuming the friend/family member wouldn’t be too offended).

This isn’t to say that the only great photography gifts (our previous article, which you can read here) are ones which are also expensive as heck.

I’m sure everyone reading this would appreciate the thought that went into your bad gift idea. Photography is an expensive hobby/profession for most of us, and we don’t expect our friends to “waste” their money like we do.

This list is just for fun, and to give some insight into what NOT to buy.

You will see a recurring theme in the types of items and also our reasoning. The gifts are almost always too personal or too generic.

If you would like to know what photographers WOULD like as gifts, check out our article here.

1. Camera Straps

They seem like a good idea on the surface. The photographer in your life either isn’t using one, has an old one that’s falling apart, or has too many cameras and not enough straps.

I’ve been there. I’ve even gifted camera straps before. Partially because as a photographer I ADORE a very specific brand (Couch Camera Straps, made from seat belts and guitar straps). If you’re in Europe I also recommend Hyperion Straps in Greece. They make a rope strap that I’ve really enjoyed using with my vintage styled cameras.

The trick is that most straps are garbage, and a strap can be a personal way for the photographer to express themselves. Something given earnestly as a way to help them, might end up in a closet straight away.