Ukrainian Anti-War Protest | Budapest 2/24/24

Shot on Leica Monochrom and Ricoh GRiii

Fox Foto Co


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Yesterday was the 2 year aniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine. Although, yes, Russian aggression was already prevalent for many years before this.

A variety of groups organized a protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

Speakers included the mayor of Budapest as well as a leader from the Ukrainian activists inside Hungary. I’ll post screenshots below of the event information I was provided.

(English translations in the main text body, original Hungarian at the end of the post)

I thought that this would be a unique opportunity to observe and document the situation (regarding the support/opinion) of Ukraine/conflict from inside Hungary’s capital. As many of you may know, Hungary has been cited as an obstacle for Ukrainian support since the beginning of the war.

The details of this obstruction are a bit more complicated than I would prefer to get into right now, and you can do your own research if you’d like (and I would encourage you to do so).

However, there is a large disconnect between the actions of the Hungarian state on the global stage, the citizens of Hungary within Budapest, and the citizens of Hungary OUTSIDE of Budapest, and the greater EU sentiment towards Ukraine.

These photos are posted for documentary/historical and artistic purposes.

All color photos are from the Ricoh GRiii, all black/white photos are from the Leica Monochrom.