Vienna Street Photography Vol. 2

Street Photography from July 2023, Part 2

Fox Foto Co


Prater Amusement Park | Ricoh GRiii 28mm

This is part of our street photography series. The previous post Vienna Street Photography Vol. 1 can be found here.

I’m providing a little “loadout” for each city, so you’ll know what cameras and lenses were used. Like a table of contents so you’ll know from the start if a lens or camera you care about ends up in the collection. If I no longer use a certain camera, it’ll be noted. Also if I’ve previously written a review of that lens, it will be linked in the contents.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or direct message me on IG @foxfotoco , I’ll happily respond to anyone!

Camera Bodies:
Canon R6
Leica M246 Monochrom
Ricoh GRiii 28mm

Canon 50mm F1.8 RF
Ricoh GR 18mm (28mm) F2.8 Fixed Lens
Voigtlander 21mm CS F4 LM
Voigtlander 50mm Nokton F1.2 LM

A lovely cafe we stopped at in Central Vienna, good food but a bit pricey. | Ricoh GRiii 28mm
The Vienna train station, and the transit system in general, was very modern and *mostly* clean. All in all a step up in quality from the Budapest/Hungarian trains. Julia remakred a number of times on how the train station felt more like an International airport in design. I really liked the shadows in this shot. | Leica M246 Monochrom + Voigtlander 21mm CS
Vienna seemed to have (somewhat predictably) a strict balnace between their historical districts and their modern business districts. This was taken near their parliament building and not far from the rose gardens. | Leica M246 Monochrom + Voigtlander 21mm CS
I’m a sucker for boxy rovers. Specifically this deep blue Defender with the white hard top grabbed my attention immediately. I think I probably did the car a diservice by photographing it only with the black and white Leica, but I think the photos (as photos go) still hold up nicely. | Leica M246 Monochrom + Voigtlander 50mm Nokton
This felt more like a shot from my last trip to Vietnam, but the “markt” at the end of Japanmarkt gives away its European location. | Leica M246 Monochrom + Voigtlander 50mm Nokton